To aid programmers who journey to Moe'uhane, information from the realm can be retrieved using JSON. The JSON interface to Moe'uhane is provided for all types of automated access.

Use the JSON interface instead of the main interface for all automated access. The JSON interface is easier to use, since there is freely usable code at for almost all programming languages. The structure of the JSON is documented on this page and is less likely to change.

Accessing the main interface is harder on the realm and such attempts may cause access to your account to be temporarily or permanently terminated without warning. You are expected to employ common sense to keep Moe'uhane available for you and others.

No support will be provided for using Moe'uhane with this interface (beyond what is provided in this page).
The general pattern of the JSON interface is to send a GET request to The text of the page is the data in JSON format. Look at for details on how to parse it.

Notes: null is returned if Moe'uhane is not accessible. In rare cases, an error might be returned in an invalid format if something went wrong.

A quick overview of the actions and parameters: