Moe'uhane is an online environment created by Auzon with help from a few others. Some have described Moe'uhane as a game, and it does feature some elements from role-playing games. However, Moe'uhane lacks several crucial game elements, such as 'winning', 'losing', and a stable set of rules. A large portion of participating in Moe'uhane involves researching the mechanics of the ever-changing environment. Expect additions to the realm to occur every few weeks.

Moe'uhane is also the name of the realm that contains several planes, six of which are known to have inhabitants. An additional plane, the former main world, is presumed lost after an experiment with a node caused souls to be distributed among three smaller worlds. No one is quite sure what happened with the node to cause this, and research in this area continues.

Moe'uhane is the word in the Hawaiian language for 'dream'. Moe'uhane is abbreviated as Mu (with lowercase 'u'), which is usually pronounced similar to the Greek letter ("myoo").