The Moe'uhane, the Sleeping Soul, the Dreamer of the Cosmos, is the center of all that is. The Song of Songs is his melody, and it was he that created the universe in all of its entirety. For at first, the Song was a cascading symphony of power, bringing about the form of the worlds to come. The all-permeating melody was strong in those times, and varied. The shape of the universe would meld itself to the fleeting rhythms of the chaotic Song, fluctuating like a stormy sea. But in time, the Song calmed, and the Moe'uhane tired, drifting away into a sleep interrupted only by fits of quiet melody. Now he sleeps, for the most part, humming the Song of Songs to himself, maintaining the universe with his personal tune.

When an 'uhane enters the universe, its name is sung by the Moe'uhane himself, which serves to greet the soul even from afar. The tribes, for the most part, are not granted this honor, although if one listens closely, one can hear the Moe'uhane singing for their sake each day. The planets also are mentioned in this softer Song, which serves to keep the winds blowing and the waters flowing. Of course, each of these have their own song, albeit much weaker than even the Moe'uhane's constant, universal tune.

However, the constant activity of the 'uhane necessitated more care than the Moe'uhane could provide, in his state. Thus, the six Muses, to aid him in his Song: Wai and Hau, Lau and Honua, and Ahi and Lani. These members of the Chorus, each to a season, are tied much closer to the land than their father. Despite this, they are mere singers under his direction, and do not guide the melodic path of the Song of Songs. Of course, this does not stop the occasional change in note; a tiny rebellion...

-- On the Moe'uhane and his Creations
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